Day 2 in Nicaragua

As I type this, I’m listening to the 12:00 siren that sounds everyday to signal the lunch hour. I hear it’s tradition. It sounds in the morning at 7am for breakfast and then again at noon. Had I not been warned about it I would have been terrified this morning when it woke me up because it sounds like a WWII bomb siren. I guess that I had prepped myself for it so much that I was wide awake at 6:45am waiting on it to go off. It is SO loud! 

Yesterday as I arrived at the airport I realized how different my experience here would be. Airport security here is NOTHING like America! One of my bags triggered the X-Ray alarm and I had to have it searched. The security officer was dressed in street clothes. He opened my bag, picked up the laptop (which is what set it off) and then zipped the bag back up. In America, not only would my bags have been thoroughly searched, I would by searched too! Thankfully, it wasn’t too difficult to get out of there. Last night we visited the church that the men built on their last trip here. It was beautiful and the service was great! Pat spoke to the congregation and did a great job! 

Today, we’re starting VBS as Isaiah’s church. Isaiah is working with us this week as our interpreter. He and Jessica are great. I don’t know what we’d do without Jessica. She speaks English very well and my Spanish is…well….let’s just say is slightly under par! So far, I’ve experienced the street markets as we had to shop for some things for the kids tonight and the grocery store. Then, I hear that Isaiah’s family is cooking dinner for us. I think his mom is making iguana stew. We’ll see how that goes……

Anyway, please continue to pray for us. Specifically for, good health, safety, and that the children would be blessed in some way by what we share with them this week. I have posted some pictures on Facebook. I’ll update as often as I can. 


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