The Big Picture Moment

bigpictureDreaming is a good thing. I’ve discovered so much in just the last 5 years alone about dreaming big and expecting God to accomplish His plans in my life which are so grand I’m sure my mind could never imagine. I’ve never been too much of a daydreamer, though. Until just a few years ago, I had never really taken the time to survey my life; where I’ve come from and where I’m going. I guess big life moments have a way of causing us to do that sort of thing sometimes.

For me, taking the time to look at the big picture can be a little overwhelming. As I do look back at where God has brought me from and how He’s been shaping my story since before I was present minded enough to see it, I notice where He’s placed me in the midst of some pretty amazing moments. Moments like camp, school, my job, going to the Philippines, ministry, and walking through life with those around me have had a significant part in my life story.

This week at camp, we’re talking about seeing the big picture – the story God is weaving our lives into that will shout His glory. This is His story. This big picture takes us from the dawn of creation to today and it will continue until the end of time. As I find myself in the middle of a week of camp, I’m praying that not only will I be able to continue to dream about the plans God has for me, but that my personal story will be just a glimpse of the greater story that God is writing. Let us not get too wrapped up in doing daily life that we forget to allow ourselves to be woven into the big picture by a God who sees and knows all.

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