The New Normal

Up until recently, I hadn’t recognized the change. That is, the complete life change that has taken place since my sister, Kari, went off to college in January. This is the first time someone has moved out of the house. And with that comes change. Lots of change.

At our house, my sisters and I have shared the chore of washing dishes for years now. Somehow, we’ve managed to work out a schedule. To the outsider, it seems weird. Very weird. To us, it makes perfect sense. Every week, one of us would have the entire week off. Now that Kari’s gone, we’ve done away with the “week off”. Bummer. We each have 2 dish days each week. That’s not the only thing. In all honesty, we’ve folded laundry together, laughed at each others’ jokes, and went out together day in and day out. To some extent, we still do all of those things, but its different now. There’s been a change. Without Kari’s antics, our house is just a little quieter. No more sunset bike rides, no more constant singing and playing the piano. Just different. Image

We all go through life changes. And although some go through more than others, I’m thinking about my own life and how I handle change. I’d like to say that I’m good at it, but I’m not. I’ve become so accustomed to doing daily life with Kari, that not having her here with us throughout the week is a big change for me. I think about my job, knowing that one day things may change. Life as a single woman will change for me. Goodness, my life has changed since the last boyfriend! Above all else I know that if we never go through change, things will always be the same. We change so that we may be used by God for His purposes, His plans. Change enables us to walk with Him.

I’m praying this week that God would allow me to walk gracefully through the changes that are taking place in my life right now. As my world comes apart and reshuffles back together again, may I see His plans for my life unfold and learn to accept the change that will help me to become more like Him.

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