Equipping Institute- Day Two


Today has been a great day. I don’t think I ever been a part of any kind of training experience that was as intense as this has been thus far, yet I’m walking away with some incredible life experiences and tools that I know I’ll be able to use someday in my own ministry. One thing that always challenges me when dealing with conferences like this is knowing that I’m going home to a crowd of people who probably have no idea what this whole thing was even about. And that’s okay. However, I have to figure out how to internalize all of this information and then share it with those people who might benefit from it. I realize it won’t happen overnight, but I do pray that I’m able to have the opportunity share what I’ve learned in such a way that helps our local ministries grow and thrive. Please be praying for that!

On another note, I had the opportunity to have lunch and chat with one of Group Publishing’s “Champions” today. (Champion is simply a term they use for leader or boss). Her name is Amy and she shared some very encouraging information with me about Group and some possible ministry opportunities available with their company. Without sharing too much info, I’ll just say that I can sense God allowing me to make connections that may be open doors of opportunity in the future. Am I moving to Colorado? No, at least not now. :))

So, to wrap it up, here’s a little taste of some of the take-home points we covered today:

  • Effective equipping ministry is more about spiritual growth, discipleship, and faith development than simply filling ministry slots.
  • Every believer is a minister. Every person is uniquely gifted. Service in a ministry is a means for spiritual growth. The role of the leader is to equip others for service.
  • Using the gifts to meet the need…That’s equipping!
  • When dealing with people in ministry, it is not an issue of commitment, it is an issue of connection. 
  • The least effective way to connect people to ministry opportunities is “broadcasting” (pulpit announcements, etc.). The most effective way to extend a ministry invitation is one on one!
  • We should recognize the potential in people first and look at their training and skill set second. 
  • Affirmation is key. Do you often say thanks to your volunteers?

Growing and giving God thanks for all of the good things happening here,


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