Reflect and Expect

It’s that time again. One year ends, another begins. Unlike many (I’m sure), I’m not going into this new year with any extravagant or lofty resolutions (Been there. Done that.). I’m just excited about the opportunity to reflect on what the Lord has done in 2012 and prepare for what He will do in 2013. Looking back, 2012 has been a great year. I’ve had so many meaningful opportunities to do the Lord’s work. I’ve seen so many lives changed and doors opened. I’ve met some amazing new friends from all over the world and I’ve started working toward lifelong dreams and goals that I know will prepare me for what God has planned. To God all credit is due. One of the highlights of 2012 for me was my trip to the Philippines. All around, God showed me just how sovereign He is. He will make a way. I’ve learned that when the desires of our heart line up with His Word, His beautiful plans for our lives become more evident. I’ve prayed and prayed for God to use me in big ways. Sharing the free gift of salvation with thousands of precious people in some of the most remote places on planet earth certainly qualifies for being used in a big way, but deep in my heart I know there’s more for me to do. I hold tight to the promise that nothing is impossible with God and one day I’ll be used by God to reach many more with a message of His sovereignty, love, and perfect plan for each of our lives.

Moving into 2013 I’m excited for this new chapter in my life and the continuation of a story that seems to have only begun. I’m praying that God would show me new things and unlock even more of the mysteries of His Word. I whole-heartedly believe that this new year will be one of amazing opportunity. With dreams to dig ditches using my gifts and talents for Him in my home church and the surrounding areas, I know that I’ll see blessings. I pray that this year the desires God has birthed into my heart will continue to develop and I’ll see them come to fruition in due time. For all of you, I’m praying for an awakening and an awareness of how God is moving and working in your life. I pray that you’ll dare to dream big this year and continue working with purpose to grow the Kingdom. As we reflect and give thanks for all that God has done, let us move ahead with great expectations for all the He will do.

Much Love,


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