Sharing Some Good News… And Taking It All In

I’m so thankful that I heard the voice of God and allowed Him to lead me into the places He wanted me to go! I can’t imagine where I would be had I not allowed God to take control of my future. He knows all things and I fully believe that He has written a beautiful story for my life. I’m living that story! I’ve learned that by giving the “pen” over to Him, my story is much more beautiful and it draws others in. My prayer has begun to be that others would see God working in my life and that I would be an example to others. I have no doubt that God is using me in amazing ways. I’m being stretched and God is taking me to new places as He molds my life. Had you asked me one year ago if I ever saw myself on the mission field in a foreign country, I would have said never! I never dreamed that I would be used to speak to thousands about the good news of Jesus. I have no idea where the road goes from here. It’s all a part of the journey and allowing God to be in control of my life.

This week in the Philippines, I’ve seen God take me to places I never dreamed I’d see! I’ve been in the most remote villages, high in the mountains of the Philippines. I’ve been in the midst of Muslim terrorists and was kept completely safe. I actually learned about their presence after the fact! I’ve spoken to thousands of students and their families at schools where Jesus has never been mentioned. God’s plans always prevail and His word never goes out void!

Looking ahead, I don’t know where God will take me, but I know that after witnessing where He’s used me thus far the possibilities are endless. It all started when, like Joshua, I prayed a sun stand still prayer. I believed God to do the impossible in my life. I’m still believing and praying that He’ll use my life in ways I can’t even fathom! Check out my Facebook page for some pictures of my time so far here in the Philippines. Thank you for praying for me! Please continue to pray.


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