Good Morning Grace:)

I left this morning to travel to the Philippines. At this point in my life, I can’t think of anything harder to do. Leaving my family behind is a struggle! I know that I’ll see them again, but being so far away leaves me feeling a little lonely. All things considered, I did relatively well on the departure this morning. It is hard to say goodbye. I was most worried about the long flights and meeting my team, but already God has been so good!

Upon check in, I asked the attendant if there were any window seats available on any of my flights. She checked and was able to get me in one on all of the flights except the one to Atlanta from Jacksonville. So, I was good with that and went on down to my gate. I didn’t wait long before I noticed that they had begun seating those people in my zone. I handed the man my ticket and he scanned it. As I turned to walk away, he called me back and handed me a receipt. My seat had been changed! It was a window seat!!!! I know this may sound menial and very simplistic, but I saw God working favor for me before I ever left the airport. As icing on the cake, I was seated in a row with two sweet girls who are both traveling to the Philippines for the first time with our group. It is amazing to watch God work! I pray that as I continue to travel and even on into the Philippines God would open my eyes to those “burning bushes” of grace and mercy. He has chosen me to take His word to the other side of the world. I know that I’ll be taken care of and He is making our paths straight. In Him I can do all things!!!


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