A Story Worth Sharing

It’s been quite an amazing story thus far and I’m not even sure where I can begin to share how amazing God has been! I’ve said all along that my life belongs to the Lord and my story will be His to write. I never fully realized how much that mindset has impacted my life until about 6 months ago when I made up my mind to hand the pen over to the one who created life itself. I consider everything that happens in my life to be a part of my journey. My prayer is that God will allow me to use my story to encourage others wherever they may be in theirs.

For months, God has been writing a beautiful and amazing tale. My journey to the Philippines is just a part of it. The relinquishing of my grip on the course of my own life has opened a brand new set of doors that I honestly never even knew were there! It is truly amazing to think about how God works! I’ve been keeping a journal of all that the Lord is doing in my life throughout this process in molding me to become more and more like Him. My hope is to be able to share all of this, however God hasn’t finished writing it yet. So, I’ll share what I can as I can and pray that as I walk with Him daily, He unveils even more about who He is to me.

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