Welcome, Y’all!

cropped-brooke-lark-2038392.jpgSo, you may be wondering why you’ve landed on a blog with such an odd name….I can explain. Somethings just go together. Chips and dip, cookies and milk, oh, and pancakes and peanut butter. Side note: If you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor and make it! You’ll thank me. Anyway, I’ve learned that events in our lives aren’t always like that. They’re more like cupcakes and pickles at times. When God began to reveal to me a love for putting words on a page, He also began doing a work in me that has taken me through some of the sweetest and some of the most sour places along my journey of life. In real life, I love both cupcakes and pickles, not at the same time obviously, but I have found that a life with too much of either is an unbalanced life.

In this new season, I believe God is teaching me to love the life he’s give me so much that I can’t help but share the stories in hopes that you’ll be encouraged. In whatever season of life you’re in, I hope you’ll join me for the ride. You’re going to get a little bit of everything here- the highs and lows, the joys and sorrows and I’ll do my best to sprinkle it all with a little laughter along the way. So, welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

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